About My Website

As I’m writing this there isn’t much content on my website yet, but here’s what I have in mind for the future:


Most of my posts so far have been worksheets in PDF form, available to download for free. I don’t have a particular area of focus for my worksheets — so far I’ve posted a silly theory song, an accompanying writing exercise, a sophisticated harmonization of Happy Birthday, a lead-sheet of an Irish folk song, a few sizes of staff paper, and a few other assorted things. Oh, and videos from YouTube, particularly performances students are working on, for them to refer to. I expect this hodgepodge method of posting to continue for the foreseeable future.


In the future I hope to post lessons about various issues of learning to play the piano, created by me for my students (and anyone else who might find them helpful). Expect them to be more about theory than anything else, as this is what I love to think about and talk about.


When creating outlines, bullet-points, summaries, etc., one should always have three points. So here’s mine. Let’s call this category “Other Stuff”. In addition to posting Worksheets and Lessons, I’ll also post other stuff.