Hatikva Lead Sheet

Click here to download the Hatikva PDF

I have a cute little student who plays his assigned repertoire like I eat my green vegetables — grudgingly and of necessity. But he is highly motivated to play the music he hears in the home and at school (a strong argument for feeding our children a diet rich in the world’s greatest music, rather than the latest drivel by someone who will be forgotten next year). So Jacob and I spend the first part of our lesson time eating our vegetables, and then we get to the ice cream. This is his current flavor!

A lead sheet is musical notation where generally only the melody and chord names are provided. In some cases there are other parts indicated if they are strongly associated with the song. The musician creates the accompaniment according to his or her desire and skill. An easy way to begin learning to “fake” (play from a lead sheet, hence the term “fake book”, a book of lead sheets) is to learn simple folk songs that utilize mostly triads.

The second page of the PDF gives suggested ways to play each chord if you are new to playing from a lead sheet. Watch out for the repeat signs in the melody!

Click here to download the Hatikva PDF

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